COVID19 – Personal Statement, from Dr Kevin M O’Sullivan, to all our Concerned Families  

I want to talk to you, directly, about the difficult and anxiety provoking times that we are living through. This is particularly so because we all have elderly, and sometimes also infirm, family members we are concerned for, whether at Peregrine House or out in the community.
I am not going to detail all the extra cleaning regimes that you will expect and know that we are undertaking as you will recently have heard these, as I have, from every business you have ever given you email address to. We are doing everything we can think of. 
I cannot give you any guarantees about what the outcomes of this pandemic will be but I want to tell you something that I hope will lift you’re hearts and your spirits, as it did mine. I was humbled and proud of the wonderful team of people who are “Team Peregrine” when we were making plans for how to deal with the advancing pandemic. Just ten days ago, when advice was very different from what it is today, we approached each member of the team, individually, to ask if they might be prepared to “live-in” at Peregrine House for the quarantine period then being advised, of 14 days. I was indeed, and remain, humbled and proud to be able to tell you that very large numbers of members of “Team Peregrine”, almost instantly, agreed to do this to support, defend and protect your loved ones; sacrificing their own family lives to achieve that end. 
The advice has now changed and we clearly cannot expect team members to quarantine themselves for a full twelve weeks or even, possibly, indefinitely. 
What their response does, however, demonstrate is that the members of “Team Peregrine” are prepared to make huge personal sacrifices to protect and look after your loved ones. Whatever the outcome, when the pandemic has passed (as it will), you can be assured that the many wonderful individuals that make up “Team Peregrine” have fought as hard as they can to achieve the best possible outcome for your loved ones. 
“Team Peregrine” is a rare team indeed, led, as it is, by Alison Bedford, ably assisted by Megan, Dawn, Kirsty, Paula and our returning Lyndsay. Many members of the team are long-serving and have totally absorbed our Mission, Philosophy and Core Values, they spread them through the team, who live by them. Your loved ones are as safe as they can be, in their hands. Please show them your love and support as they treat your family members as they would treat “the most loved members of their own family”. 
Keep hand-washing; Keep separating; Keep safe. 

Thank you.  Dr Kevin M O’Sullivan MB ChBManaging Director

Celebrating the golden years of our residents, Peregrine House provides a happy and rewarding life-style surrounded by new friends and caring staff.

Acknowledged by many as the premier care facility in the Yorkshire Coast region, our reputation is endorsed by the enthusiasm of our permanent residents and the peace of mind enjoyed by their relatives and friends.

Whether coming to us for a permanent home, period of convalescence, holiday or respite care, residents enjoy varied daily entertainment and activity programs, improving the quality of life of many who have struggled to manage in their own homes.

Our committed staff, management and visiting professionals provide the vital dietary, physical, mental and spiritual care that is needed, earning Peregrine House the coveted awards:

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  • Outstanding in all 5 key lines of enquiry with CQC 2015
  • Investors in People Gold Award 2010
  • “Dignity in Care” Champion
  • Skills for Care Accolades finalist 2017

We welcome you to visit and experience life at Peregrine House at any time and hope you will recommend us to your family and friends.

Dr. Kevin O’Sullivan.

Our philosophy of care

Our Core Values:

C ompassionate

A ppropriate



Our sixth value is Excellence, we strive to be the best we can be everyday for every resident.

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Why choose Peregrine House?

Choosing a care home is major decision to make, whether for yourself or for a loved one. Age UK provides a useful checklist to help you and we are confident you will find Peregrine House meets their criteria.

✔  Varied daily activity and entertainment programs

✔  High staff to resident ratio

✔  Qualified, professional, regularly trained staff

✔  Delicious meals with plenty of menu options

✔  A loving atmosphere with friendly carers

✔  Wonderful setting close to the sea and local amenities

✔  Luxurious rooms filled with your own possessions

✔  Clean, pleasant and newly refurbished environment

✔  Visitors welcome at all times

✔ Regular visits from GPs, opticians, chiropodists