Keeping in touch is easy

Visitors are welcome at all reasonable times and residents’ family and friends are encouraged to visit and/or maintain regular contact with our residents by letter, telephone, email or Skype if they are unable to visit in person.

Some of our residents pay to have their own personal telephone line to their room, otherwise, a cordless telephone enables all residents to receive incoming calls to the main switchboard in their rooms for added privacy.

Staff will offer to assist the residents to respond to letters and there is access to the internet for our ‘silver surfers’ with six laptops provided for residents to use.

Several residents with family living some distance from Peregrine House now use Skype to video conference with their family and one very happy resident was introduced this way to her new Great-Grandchild in Brisbane, Australia.

Visitors are asked to use the disinfecting gel at the door on arrival for the protection of all our residents, and for security and fire safety reasons, visitors are asked to sign the visitors book on arrival and departure.

The external door is locked as dusk approaches but a bell which sounds throughout the home can be activated at the entrance to alert staff of waiting visitors.

Residents have the right to refuse to see any visitor and this right will be respected by staff.