We encourage anyone considering coming to stay at Peregrine House to join us for a visit to experience the atmosphere and level of service offered here.

Day-care can be arranged whilst waiting for a vacancy, which provides time to get to know the staff and other residents, adjusting to our environment gradually. A six week trial period as a resident is always given before embarking on long-term residence.

Prior to admission, our manager will visit a potential resident in their own home or in hospital, to assess the appropriate care needs and obtain as much relevant information as possible from the resident, family and health professionals.

The admission process is carefully planned with specialist requirements put in place before any new resident arrives at Peregrine House, ensuring a relaxed welcome and smooth transition in lifestyle.

Only in cases of emergency and at the request of medical or social services staff is it sometimes appropriate to admit the resident before completion of these formalities.

Our reputation

Dr Kevin and Teresa O’Sullivan and the team at Peregrine House have worked hard to earn our reputation as the leading care home in the region.