Whether residents come to us for a permanent home, a period of convalescence, holiday or respite care, everyone enjoys our varied daily entertainment and activity programs. Life is never dull, and with plenty of choice available, residents are assured that enjoyment is tailored to each individual, improving their quality of life.


Residents are encouraged to go out for walks on the seafront and to the local shops or post office anytime they wish while they are sufficiently able. If a staff member is needed for assistance or company, then someone can usually be made available.

Regular coach trips on a wheelchair-accessible vehicle are made to tourist attractions in the spring and summer, and at Christmas to see the lights in the town. Our regular staff members accompany the residents on these trips, which are always very popular.

Daily activities

There are two dedicated Activities Coordinators and the other also staff have plenty of time allocated each day for chatting with individual residents, going for walks with them, providing manicures, playing games and facilitating armchair exercise activity. Residents are helped with choosing library books, and time is spent reading magazines, books and newspapers together. Music and sing-alongs are encouraged, along with assistance in maintaining life-long hobbies and starting new ones. One member of the team has helped a resident construct a family tree and contact relatives she didn’t know she had. Six laptop computers with wi-fi internet are provided for residents to use.

Birthdays are always a good excuse for a special celebration, with presents, cake and a party.

Therapeutic activities

Activities are wide ranging to take account of residents’ interests, skills, experiences and personalities as well as their physical and mental condition. The choice is designed to keep everyone alert and mobile, and most importantly, taking an interest in life. These activities allow residents to pursue favourite hobbies such as needlework and knitting.

Team members lead creative arts and crafts activities during which residents make items such as greetings cards, table mats, door signs, calendars, photo frames and individually decorated such items as pottery, glass and jewellery boxes. Many of these items are sold at our summer Garden Fete, held in the grounds of Peregrine House to raise substantial funds for St Catherine’s Hospice.

Specially adapted equipment

As well as the specially equipped sensory room, residents enjoy playing traditional games using equipment for those with impaired abilities, including playing cards, Scrabble, Bingo, draughts, Connect 4 and ball games for kicking or throwing. Residents retain a healthy amount of competitiveness and the activities help to keep them physically or mentally active.

Visiting entertainers

At least once a week and usually more frequently, outside entertainers come to Peregrine House. To cater for a wide spectrum of interest these include theatre companies, music groups and singers, faith groups and animal lovers/conservationists.

Residents playing Scrabble with one of the Peregrine House team
One-to-one support for residents in the garden summerhouse
Resident enjoys the garden at Peregrine House
residents enjoying birds of prey visit