Residents at Peregrine House enjoy a relaxed environment, with some simple guidelines in place to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing.


Visitors are welcome at all reasonable times and are asked to use the disinfecting gel at the door on arrival. For security and Fire safety reasons, they are asked to sign the Visitors Book in Reception on arrival and departure.

The external door is locked as dusk approaches but a bell which sounds throughout the home can be activated at the entrance on Ocean Road alerting staff to waiting visitors.

Residents have the right to refuse to see any visitor and this right will be respected by staff.

Monitoring and Quality

All the home’s services and procedures are thoroughly monitored to ensure the exceptionally high standard of Peregrine House is maintained at all times. Comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome at any time either in writing or discussion with our senior staff. A regular Quality Audit enables relatives, doctors, nurses and social workers to comment in writing on our performance. Results and action plans are fed back to participant groups.


If a resident wishes to be self-medicating and it is safe for them to do so, then all help and advice is given, otherwise all drugs are managed by the staff and dispensed and ordered for residents under the instructions of the Doctor. Any resident will retain their own GP if they already have a local doctor, or will register with a local practice when they move into Peregrine House. Our commitment to on-going training for Peregrine House staff is endorsed by our Investors in People Gold Award and the award of the ‘three star’ and ‘Excellent’ Awards from the CQC at successive inspections.

We have excellent links with all the local GP practices, with doctors who will visit whenever needed and the District Nursing service visiting on most days.

Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking is now illegal at Peregrine House, as it is in any public building, but arrangements are made for those who need to smoke and supervision is provided if considered necessary.

Peregrine House provides small amounts of alcohol to residents for occasional celebrations and enjoyment. Those who wish for more regular or specific alcoholic beverages need to provide their own. Staff will become concerned if consumption levels exceed healthy levels or affect other residents.

Religion (Worship/Attendance at Religious Services)

Residents may attend religious services either within or outside the home as they so desire. If services are outside the home, the resident should generally arrange for their own transport and accompaniment with friends or relatives, however transport and a companion may be available from the home if our vehicle is available.

Ministers from a number of denominations will generally make a visit to Peregrine House each month so that there is usually a visit from at least one minister each week.

Residents are welcome to meet privately with clergy of their own denomination at any reasonable time.


Whilst we acknowledge that many people have pets for company during their lifetime and may wish to bring an animal with them when they move, the management has a responsibility to all the residents with regard to Health & Safety which means we have to discourage pets living at Peregrine House.

The proprietors, manager and some members of Peregrine House staff bring their pets to visit residents who enjoy the company of animals. This ensures a therapeutic link with furry friends is maintained without them having the burden of responsibility for a pet in the home.